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Reputation: the risks and management of it International Insurance Society – London 2014

In 1999, Alan Greenspan, former US Federal Reserve Chairman giving the Harvard University commencement address said: “In today’s world, where ideas are increasingly displacing the physical in the production of economic value, competition for reputation becomes a significant driving force propelling our economy forward. Manufactured goods often can be evaluated before the completion of a transaction. Service providers, on the other hand, usually can offer only their reputations.”

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Market Trends

Consider a Diverse, Cross-Industry Talent Pool

Why not create a talent pool among noncompeting companies — an insurer and a web-based technology company, for example — to meet the industry need for new skills while offering growth opportunities to high-performing employees?

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IIS-100 Index

Global Insurance Stock Performance

Everybody pays attention to the stock market, even insurance executives.  Especially insurance executives, in my experience.  All insurance executives follow the stock market, because their companies all invest to some degree in equities, and so their balance sheets and perceived capital adequacy can be influenced positively or negatively by swings in the market.     The intensity with which insurance executives follow the stock market has increased sharply in recent years, because of ...

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Market Trends

What Frees P&C Actuarial Talent to Deliver Better Reserves?

Reserve process industrialization unshackles property & casualty (P&C) actuaries from the mundane, and frees them to provide in-depth reserving analysis and collaborate with underwriting, pricing, reinsurance and capital modeling teams.

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Global Insurance Directory

Global Statistics

Generate customized, comprehensive reports detailing the latest official statistics available and over ten years of historical data for over 170 countries.  Data includes written premiums by line of business for each country, combined ratios, country and company rankings, insurance penetration and economic data, building an accurate picture of market returns.

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