Catastrophic Risks

Japan Earthquake: Tail Risk Mastery or Black Swan Fatigue

The March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake and resulting tsunami is the latest in a growing list of major disasters that include the Christchurch earthquake, Katrina, 9-11, etc. The list is becoming more diverse. The Tohoku event included a nuclear material leakage, recalling Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Each of these events has stretched our ideas of what “normal” experience includes and sparks our imagination about known and unknown unknowns in the future.

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Catastrophic Risks

IIS CEO speaks at the UN Climate Summit

IIS CEO Mike Morrissey made a presentation at the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23, during the UN General Assembly week. At the Summit, following speeches by heads of state of the US, France, Korea, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Nigeria and by diplomats and scientists from around the world, Mr. Morrissey spoke about the key role the insurance industry plays in mitigating and preventing the loss of lives and property due to natural disasters.

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Market Trends

Reputational Risk Management: An essential component of an ERM program

The breakout session devoted to managing reputational risk during the 50th IIS Seminar in London on June 23, 2014 drew a significant number of participants, as all the chairs around the table were occupied. It is a clear indication that the topic has gained momentum at a time when all insurance regulators are devoting more attention to the issue, in parallel with Europe Solvency 2, which calls for direct supervision of the management of risk to reputation at the board level. - See more at: ...

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IIS-100 Index

IIS-100 2014 Mid Year Review: Insurance Stocks Underperform the Market

The IIS Global 100, the stocks of the world’s dominant insurance companies, significantly underperformed the overall stock market for the first half of 2014.  While the Morgan Stanley Capital International World ETF rose a robust 7.9%, the IIS 100 gained just 1.2% for the six month period.   The IIS Americas Insurance Composite, participating in the strong US market performance, set the pace, managing a 3.4% advance.   The Asia Pacific Insurance Composite was unchanged and the ...

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Global Insurance Directory

Global Statistics

Generate customized, comprehensive reports detailing the latest official statistics available and over ten years of historical data for over 170 countries.  Data includes written premiums by line of business for each country, combined ratios, country and company rankings, insurance penetration and economic data, building an accurate picture of market returns.

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